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Per Pleks

PER PLEKS is a German-born, Dortmund-based producer and DJ, known for his fast, stompy, hard-hitting productions. His releases include worldwide charting original tracks and modern edits of existing hits.  As a music lover, he combined all his experience and genre-crossing passion into his 2020 founded project “PER PLEKS”. Bringing in fast drums, heavy kicks and bass with a catchy melody of rave stabs and synths.  After being in the Top 10 of the Faze-Mag “National Breakthrough 2022” list, he kicked off 2023 at #1 on the Beatport Hard Techno Chart with his track “What the Fxck”, followed by the release “Rotterdam'' - a track named after the city where he had his biggest show up until that point and the massive collaboration EP with Luciid called “Feel the Darkness.”  Quickly gaining international attention, he plays renowned shows all around Europe, creating a powerful, capitvating energy through his spontaneous and crowd-reading sets. Playing fast pace club sets and big festival stages like Mayday Dortmund or Sunrise Festival, PER PLEKS has exploded to the forefront of today's hard techno scene.