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Representing for Spain and France -- PRADA2000 is a DJ and Producer based in Berlin, Germany. After starting to DJ in 2018 his wishes to go more in depth with his music took shape in form of his first productions in 2020. In 2023 he played his international debuts in Italy, Spain, France and Switzerland and is a resident at Gotec Club in his original hometown Karlsruhe. He also made himself a name by playing at a variety of festivals like SeaYou, Hasardeur, Traumtänzer, Hive and events like Verknipt and Teletech. His sound is based on a fast and dynamic blend of trancy melodies, hard kicks and bouncy basslines with powerful vocals, influenced by Hard Trance and Hard House of the early 2000’s which will keep you dancing all night long. He released his first EP in 2023 and also had releases on 240KM/H, Onlytrance, qp, australian label TNT and an appearance in the well known “BCCO” podcast series.